Welcome Air Force Jr. ROTC Instructors & Cadets

Distinguished Cadet Badge: $8.00

Parade Equipment

* Guidon Poles (Oak Poles)
* Metal Poles Silver or Gold finish
* Leather Slings- For Carring Flags
* Golden Yellow Tassels & Coards(5" & 9" Cords)
* White Leggins 10" High Brass Hardwear
* White Parade Gloves
* Parade Belt Large Buckle & 4 Keepers (Brass&Nickel Finish)
* Shoulder Tabs Color Guard Rifle Team Honor Guard Band
* Shoulder Coards- Many types & Colors
* Bib Scarves - All Colors
* Parade Rifle - M30 (1903 Springfield Look Alike)
* Hi Gloss Black Shoe

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To all valued customers we have made price changes. These prices will take effect August 1st 2011. Also please note we are NOT accepting credit cards at this time.


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