Engraved Plastic Nameplates - $1.75

Please Read before Ordering

  • Indicate the style you desire from the list above.
  • List names if you are ordering 2 or 3 line nametags, be sure you're careful about showing what you want on each line.
  • Please Print Clearly! We cannot accept responsibility for your errors.
  • Specify if you want all lines on multiple-line Nametags to be the same size or if you want the top line larger.
  • Double Check Your Spelling! We cannot accept responsibility for your errors.
  • Nametags are provided with double clutchbacks. We are sorry, but other backings are not available.
  • We suggest you limit copy to 25 Letters and Spaces per line. The Longer the line is the smaller the type is, unless you request a specific size letter, we will use our own judgement as to size. We normally adhere to Military Specifications.



To all valued customers we have made price changes. These prices will take effect August 1st 2011. Also please note we are NOT accepting credit cards at this time.


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